Another wonderful post

My favourite wildflower is the foxglove, the intricate details of the flowers and how they sway in the breeze, the bees spend hours in and out of them, they get a bad reputation but like all things there's beauty in their danger

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Just beautiful. Thank you

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Hey Victoria.

We are trying to reach you for a potential collaboration.

We are Biyaku, a sexuality app with courses and meditations.. You can check our Substack and Instagram below.



If you are interested at all, mail to mete@biyaku.me please. Love...

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Dandelion. Food for so much wildlife. Medicine for humans. The cheerfullest golden yellow.

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Lily of the Valley and Peony.

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Wild garlic

Not the most flamboyant

Not the brightest

Not so much for bouquets

But - aaah - the bouquet

After the chopped leaves

Sprinkled, wrapped or roast

Still the flower to come

Another swathe of lighter flavour

And delicate decoration

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My favourite wild flower is the Dandelion, great for pollinators and this year I'm going to try making dandelion honey ( really a jam) I have tried dandelion coffee before which was really tasty.

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I’m inspired by this to grow more edible plants in my tiny garden. Thankyou!

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